Composition: Poetry, Prose, Thoughts in General

am i bad. i want him to need me. feed me. nurture me and breath me. am i bad for wanting just love. from the core of the earth to the outskirts of the universe. should i stop when he says i'm his everything? but who is everything else. must i be his first and last breath, can my heart replace his, beneath the chest. can his voice be my own and sing songs only i know. am i bad am i bad am i bad. or am i just alone.

the word i was looking for is forever,
but i wasnt even looking for it. it was right here. i ignored it.
but you cant ignore forever, just like you cant ignore your mother, just like you cant say no to water. becuase who are you? without it.
to have you forever, is to have had you already. to see a future with you is to have seen the past. if you'll be there tomorrow, then you were there yesterday, then I'm here today and to stay,


i miss kissing-

i miss what its like to kiss

and be kissed.

i miss the wet lip

that grazes mine.

Like a sunrise,

over a damp duey sky.

Like a chilling breeze,

on a hot cement street.

Like a toe dip into cool water.

     Sooner or later,

       a dive deep.

        And like birth, 

         you remember-

That you were meant to swim.

Kisses, like water,

You were meant to drink it in.

is it possible.
a love can grow.
when i am here
and you are there?
when we dont speak
for years.
when what i know of you is old news,
and what you know of me is scrolled through?
is it possible.
a love can grow?